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Get Cosy: Shake Off the Last of the Winter Blues

by Tina Goldsmith 18/02/2021
cosy blanket

(image credit: hgoldsmith_photography)

For many people, winter is a season to be endured rather than enjoyed. And this year, the lack of sunshine is compounded by the lack of social contact as we find ourselves (yet again) in lockdown. 

But hope is on the horizon - case numbers of coronavirus in the UK are finally starting to plummet and, if we can hold fast for a few more weeks, then the vaccine rollout will reach a tipping point when we can emerge blinking in the spring/summer sunshine ready to embrace our friends again.

But what to do about the last of the winter blues? Well here are some tips:

Keep Active

Exercise is a well-known mood-booster. Getting the heart pumping and the blood flowing releases feel-good hormones like endorphins and reduces the level of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol.  

Head Outside

Sunlight is the source from which the body manufactures its own vitamin D. Exposure to ultraviolet light literally turns a protein in your skin into active vitamin D that can be absorbed by the body. Vitamin D deficiency is linked to fatigue, muscle pain and depression.

Eat Well

Eat well means eat healthily - but it also means treat yourself from time to time! You - we all - deserve it!

Take Up a New Hobby

This could literally be anything - we all know someone who’s tried everything from crossfit to needle felting to stave off lockdown boredom! Hit them up for some tips or head over to YouTube for some beginner’s tutorials.

Get Cosy

Life can’t be all fresh air, exercise and self-improvement. Make some time for yourself with soft lighting, a cosy blanket, and an old favourite book, film or box set. Sometimes it’s less stressful to read or watch something when you already know the plot!

And speaking of blankets…

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Read more about beating the winter blues on the NHS Scotland website.