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Giving the Gift of a Good Night’s Sleep

by Tina Goldsmith 20/11/2020
toddler in dalmatian sac

In the midst of a second pandemic-induced lockdown, many of us are missing our loved ones and desperately hoping that restrictions will be lifted sufficiently to spend some time with them over Christmas. We like to focus on the positive at Snuggle Sac, and all the heart-warming stories of people raising money and helping their vulnerable neighbours are music to our ears while we await the roll out of a safe and effective vaccine.

We’ve often used the sales line ‘Giving the gift of a good night’s sleep’ when marketing our products. The line seems all the more poignant in these troubled times when a good night’s sleep will give us the strength to face whatever tomorrow might throw at us. 

Our main product line, the Snuggle Sac, was invented to keep founder Tina Goldsmith’s toddler cosy in bed at night. The idea was to create covers with personality and the idea took off. We’ve shipped hundreds of thousands of Snuggle Sacs to grateful parents worldwide. 

They aren’t just for kids either. There are a lot of people who like to keep warm without having the heating on full blast. A cosy blanket or a Snuggle Sac are lovely for people of all ages to sit and watch TV or to read in. We’ve even had Scottish customers tell us they took their Snuggle Sacs to the pub when Covid restrictions meant that you could only be served at outside tables!.

This month, we’ve  reduced the price of all our Toddler Snuggle Sacs - offering up to 30% discount on selected lines. And there are discounts of up to 60% across the site. Come and grab a bargain! We’re also offering free delivery to all UK addresses right now.