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Sleep Safe, Sleep Well on Your Staycation

by Tina Goldsmith 23/07/2020
Family by tent with Snuggle Sac blanket

With self-catering cottages and campsites reopening after lockdown, and the prospect of journeying abroad looking a little daunting for all but the most seasoned of travellers, it looks like the Great British staycation is going to be the holiday of choice for many families this summer.


The ground in the UK is cold, hard and frequently wet. Whilst the groundsheet of a tent should keep the wetness out, it won’t do much about the cold seeping through and provides no cushioning for your hips and shoulder blades. If you want a good night’s sleep under canvas (or more likely polyester these days), you are going to need a layer between the groundsheet and your sleeping bag. One of those roll up foam mats is a bare minimum. An inflatable mattress is a luxury. Don’t forget the pump!

Top Tip: Bring a proper pillow - a Snuggle Sac has been designed so you can slip one securely behind your head - a rucksack full of clothes and cooking equipment is not a proper pillow.


Spacious yurts and teepees with facilities for elaborate cooking, hot showers and comfortable sleeping. ‘Glamping’ the word is new (added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016) but ‘Glamping’ the concept is as old as the thought that camping would be a lot more fun if there was proper crockery, a springy double mattress, and an electric kettle. 

Top Tip: Make the most of the wonderful base camp and plan at least one day of ‘glamping it up’: cooking, relaxing and playing family games on site.

Self Catering Accommodation

The airbnb revolution has really opened up the self-catering accommodation market. Properties are available all over the country and the high competition keeps prices affordable. 

Top Tip: Sometimes it takes a child a night or two to adjust to sleeping in a strange room. Using Snuggle Sacs at home as well as on holiday offers some continuity and familiarity.

Whether you are camping or glamping, or renting a cottage or an apartment, taking a home-from-home comfort that you know is clean and safe is a useful tactic in making sure the children get a good night’s sleep.

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