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Snuggle Sac: Home-from-Home Comfort

by Tina Goldsmith 31/03/2020
Snuggle Sac grey adult carry bag

Maybe tonight, when he finishes his first shift as a Doctor, my son’s Snuggle Sac may offer some home-from-home comfort. (It may seem astonishing to think my son still uses a Snuggle Sac but we do adult Sacs large enough for someone approaching 6ft3! And he's away from home.)

l came up with the idea for Snuggle Sac in 1999 to solve the sleep interruption problems we were experiencing within our own family. Creating a cosy sleeping bag, shaped like a lion, solved the problem of covers falling off during the night, helped the anxiety issues of moving into a bigger bed and enabled my son to take his daytime naps in something familiar wherever he happened to be. 

Keep Everyone Safe

Surely it is during difficult times like the ones we are currently living through that we need to come together as multi-generational communities and ensure we keep everyone as safe as possible. It was wonderful to hear the country showing their support for the NHS. We are working out ways that we can contribute too, putting our overseas manufacturers in touch with PPE procurement here in the UK - more on this soon.

We’ve seen photos of doctors sleeping in garages to protect their families, and appreciate the stresses of working all day in the NHS. We also know first hand how a Snuggle Sac can genuinely make people feel secure, comforted and cosy. 

We thought we might do an offer just for the NHS, then we decided we’d like to extend this to anyone who knows someone who needs some home-from-home comfort. 

All Snuggle Sacs – 30% discount and free postage to UK addresses.